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    Something for Tomorrow
    We are always looking to the future.

    The Alpha Corporation mark is a powerful brush-written letter "α".
    Of course, it is our company's name and the first letter of the Greek letter.

    Ours is a company that continues to evolve with the goal of becoming the leader in the industry.
    We represent an environment that provides a lot of smiles and positive emotions from AlphaPlus.

    We are one of the few total support companies for "childcare" in the childcare service industry.
    We have developed various businesses beyond the operation of just childcare facilities.

    We respond to the diversifying lifestyles and the needs of families and businesses during these times.
    Alpha Corp is constantly pursuing new childcare services.

    We will continue to listen to our customers' voices seriously and are truly needed by everyone.
    Recognizing that it is our social mission to continue to be a solution provider for childcare education.
    We will strive to improve quality and create and support the balance between work and family.

    Hidemi Sakamoto