Child Care Center & Baby Sitting

キッズスクウェア 託児所のご案内キッズスクウェア 東京ドームホテル

キッズスクウェア 東京ドームホテル

We Promise that your child will have fun at the childcare center "Kid's Square" with the bright space and security.

ALPHA Premier Club
Par Family (Tax not included)
Entrance Fee ¥100,000
Anual Membership Fee ¥10,000
Temporary Child Care Service

■Basic Charge/Per Child,30min (tax not included)

All Time   \1,250 ALPHA Premier Club Member 20%OFF  

■Supplemental Fee/Per Child,30min (tax not included)

7:00〜9:00/18:00〜22:00    \350 ALPHA Premier Club Member 20%OFF  
22:00〜7:00    \750 ALPHA Premier Club Member 20%OFF  
  • *Minimum 2Hrs.add30Min〜.
  • *Please make a reservation by 16:00 the day before including approximately 10 minutes for consultation.

■Overtime Charge/Per Child,30min (tax not included)

7:00〜8:00/22:00〜23:00    \5,000  
23:00〜7:00   \10,000  
  • *Overtime Charge is required for early morning or midnight.

・ Members Only

Kid's Square Tokyo Dome Hotel Member Entrance fee per child

\30,000 *tax not included

■Registration fee per child at the first entry, re-register & relocation

\10,000 *tax not included

■Monthly Tuition *tax not included

per week per month 0 to 1y/o 2y/o and up
1day - \66,000 \55,000
2days 7days \77,000 \66,000
3days 10days \88,000 \77,000
4days 13days \99,000 \88,000
5days 16days \110,000 \99,000
  • Operating hours : 9:00〜19:00 Mon〜Fri within 9hrs per day

■Maintenance Fee

\10,000 *tax not included


〒112-0004 1-3-61 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo  TEL : 03-5805-2272 FAX : 03-5805-2287


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