Child Care Center & Baby Sitting

キッズスクウェア 託児所のご案内 一時預かり

We are always looking after your children warm-heartedly.

  • ・Our experienced staff take care of your child with a lot of affection.
  • ・Staff writes you a full report of your child.
  • ・We wish to make a precious memory of coming to Kid's Square for your child.

Kid's Square is beneficial to you when...

  • ・When you cannot take your child with you for example, ceremonial occasions.
    →In the case of photography or presenting a bouquet, we also do service which it accompanies by the child. (Separately charge)
  • ・When you wish to have a baby-sitter, but not in your house.
  • ・When your child wants to play with other children.
  • ・When you want to dine out with friends.
  • ・When you shop, go to a beauty salon.
  • ・When you are busy moving home.
  • ・When you go out for a movie, lesson, or theater.
    →We also do childcare in a drawing room.(Separately charge)
Information of the use

■The way to apply

Please call us on the toll free number, or call any Kid's Square you are interested in.
Toll free dial 0120-086-720

  • ・Reservations must be made by 16:00 the day before.
    (Please make a reservation 3days before in the case of Kid's Square Quest Saitama Super Arena.)
  • ・When you come to the center, their will be a brief consultation about your child.
  • ・If you require any special attention for your child, please inform our staff when making the reservation.


3 months old to 12years old (Please ask our staff if your child is under 3 months old.)

■Usable hours

Each center has the usable hours. At your request, we can provide you with service as early as 8 a.m. and after hours. (Need a reservation)


Depending on the center, the fee will differ. Please check the home page you are interested in.