Child Care Center & Baby Sitting

Active learning school


We regard child rearing as a mother together.

Our aim is to offers as much advice and support in order to help mothers In rearing their children.
We hold meeting with mothers and have open classes so we feel we are raising your children with you.
We hold seminars which focus on the ability to raise a family is improtant for all children.
We also offer advice or how to spend quality time at home, a healthy life style and kindergaten entrance examinations.
In order to prepare you for kindergaten entrance examinations we are starting workshops and courses e.t.c . We will offer you the upmost support at this very busy time.
During the seminar we teach you the basic knowledge of kindergarten examinations, completing application forms and interviews.

I'll make the chance of field communication important with guardians, bring your child up together with guardians and come.
To raise the child rearing power" in the home, seminars for guardians are being held.
We are advising how to put it and kindergarten taking an examination on t in how to have time at home and a body of a living habit.

nurturing seminar (6times)

As kindergarten preparations

We are starting "workshop" etc. and am supporting taking an examination as preparations of a kindergarten.
We are lecturing on basic knowledge of kindergarten taking an examination, the way to fill out an application and an interview by a seminar.

preschool examination seminar (5times)