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Active learning school



A class for the first step to independence enjoyed with a friend and a teacher separately from mother.
A theme is a seasonal event. A fun curriculum of intellectual training and music!
Everyone likes lunch box time very much. Where table manners are also learned.
Guardians participate in a fun event of an open day and have the chance to converse with the teacher and other parents.

Our Class

Pre-school Total Education 1

This class which fits first separation of mother and child and practice of a group life. Let's have a lot of communication with a teacher and a friend with an emphasis on numerals, words and colors and various other activites for the fullness of one year.

プレスクール 総合1

Pre-school Total Education 2

Challenges and continulty are ensured.Communication and thoughtfulness are learned in the group life.
And try to learn on the own, using a workbook.

プレスクール 総合2

Pre-school Total English

A game, song, Music & Movement and industrial arts will remember English by a body through fun activity.
A lecturer is team teaching by native foreigner and Japanese.“touch English tightly for 3 hours”, so it's a fitting class at this time with high hearing power.

プレスクール ENGLISH

Daily flow (example)

10:00〜10:30 Good Morning! Free Play
10:30〜11:30 Original Curriculum
The fun curriculum added to development,Season, theme in a month,
11:30〜11:45 Preparations for Lunch time
11:45〜12:30 Lunch Time and tooth brushing time
12:30〜12:50 The preparations for return and greeting
12:50〜13:00 The days events are explained to guardians.

Event schedule

★Open day    (2 times/year)
★Class consultation (2 times/year)
★Personal consultation  (1times/year)