Child Care Center & Baby Sitting

Active learning school


For uppesr 3 year olds (Kinder Class)

The age group knows that learning is fun.
This class feeds the will of the child and concentration on the curriculum and the course from which "curiosity" and "interest" which are a basis of learning are drawn out.
People who are considering taking an elementary school examination can take a class togeter and receive a special course.(Roppongi only)

Our Class

Kinder Class

A balance of mind, body and intellectual training is emphasized.
It's emphasized not on paper, but to learn using things.
This Class is also suitable as a classroom of preparations to an elementary school.


Kinder English Class

A game, song, Music & Movement and industrial arts will help to retain English through fun activity.
Through a text and a picture book, "It's heard I speak it's read it's written.", it's learned.